Vortex’s 2,000 USDT Prize Pool – Get the rewards right now!?

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Vortex's 2,000 USDT Prize Pool - Get the rewards right now!?

A big prize pool of Vortex & Bee Network Joint-Giveway comes! Finish at least 30 transactions on Vortex and get 20 USDT right now. Don’t miss the big rewards!?

?The exclusive access to activate L2 on Vortex: https://www.vortex.ink/?code=URC8KFZ

?The access to participate in the trading campaigns: https://www.vortex.ink/marketing/events/10



① Follow Vortex on Twitter

② Join Vortex’s group chat on Telegram

③ Verify the Vortex-Bee Network NFT you acquired in the previous event

Finish at least 30 transactions on Vortex and submit your wallet address correctly

PS: You’ll get an additional 100 points bonus on Vortex once you finish the 30 transactions on Vortex. 100 points=10 VTX. It will be counted to the coming Airdrop. Check at: https://www.vortex.ink/marketing/events/10


?Prize Pool:

400,000 Bee Coins, 100 lucky guys, 4,000 Coins per winner, FCFS.


?About Vortex’s Orderbook:

16% of VTX token rewards will be used to incentivize user liquidity provision, rewarding order volume, normal operating time, two-sided trading depth, etc.

Because it uses L2 trading principles, you need to deposit funds from your L1 wallet into the corresponding L2 account before trading on Vortex (buying, selling, opening, closing positions). You can also freely deposit, withdraw and transfer assets between your L1 and L2 accounts.

Vortex’s account system is divided into spot accounts and perpetual contract accounts, each operating independently. For contract trading, for example:
– Users can choose to open positions (long or short): market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders.
– Leverage selection: Vortex offers up to 20x leverage in perpetual contract trading.
For a detailed operation video, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hovpoz-sm80

?Join the event right now: https://j.bee.com/d.html?EventId=47310086

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