Aavegotchi works as a Tamagotchi-like game, but using blockchain and based on the Aave protocol.


Aavegotchi is a collectible crypto game based on the DeFi concept, developed by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studio, which allows players to make profitable bets on the aToken of the avatar in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). ) and interact with the Aavegotchi virtual universe. This is a unique combination of DeFi and NFT. Aavegotchi is a pixel phantom residing on the Ethereum blockchain, based on the ERC-721 standard. Their value is determined by rarity, which is calculated through a number of factors, such as initial characteristics, stake amount, and equipped accessories. To level up Aavegotchi, players need to participate in a series of activities including mini-games, management and parties. Rarity can also be increased by equipping in-game accessories and upgrades.

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