Wreck League

The next chapter in the evolution of fighting games, competitive gaming, & esports.

Each Wreck League Mech is a custom-built fighter where the parts determine the combat style, combo attacks, special abilities, stats, and even ultimates. Wreck League participants will include creators, owners, and skilled players who all can team up to compete in the league in order to maximize their wins. In order to boost their performance in the game events and tournaments and improve their winnings, players need to create well-designed mechs. Mechs are NFTs and each is composed of 10 Mech Parts NFTs. Creators can build their own formidable Mech battle machines, ensuring every build is unique, visually stunning, and tailored to their playstyle. The Mechs can also be disassembled back into Mech Parts, ensuring endless customization options for those who collect the parts.

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